Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More ideas for family jewelry for mothers and grandmothers.

The Bubbles ring can be made in sterling silver or white or yellow gold.
It can be made with many stones - the example above has nine.
All the gems are set it bezels - very secure.

This "spinner" ring is made from hammered sterling (it could be in gold or white gold).
The center part - the 4mm ring with the gems set in it - actually moves and spins inside the larger, wider band. This example has a total of 7 gems, but they could be spaced for fewer or more gems.

A pendant like this could be used for a family pendant -
look at all the room for children and grand children!

Julie has made a lot of pendants celebrating children and grand children.
She can make them round or even like this stylized heart shape above.
This example has 7 gems, but there is room for more.
Family pendants can be made in sterling or in gold or white gold.
We would be happy to quote you a price, we just need information:
1. What metal do you want it made from?
2. What gemstones do we need? (What months was everyone born in?)
3. Ring size - if you want a ring.

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