Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Colorful, unique jewelry with gemstone beads, pearls - Made in The US

We just received our second shipment of jewelry from our new partners -
Pan American in Tucson, Arizona.

As you can see, the buy gems, pearls, and unique glass beads from around the world.
Then their designers and jewelers put them together in unique combinations.

We did so well with our first order from them, we filled our cases with even MORE this time.

As you can see, their jewelry ranges from the wonderful colors in the top picture
to variations of black, white, and gray in the middle one.

The best news? The prices are fantastic - for instance, there are 6 pair of earrings
in the picture below that are only $20!!

The most expensive pair is the colorful set in the middle on 14kt yellow gold.
You can wear those home for only $128.00
(They feature peridot, amethyst, citrine, garnet & freshwater pearls.)

Friday, July 8, 2016

We are getting some great Estate Jewelry in This Summer.

Gold plate over sterling silver - 5x7 peridot and lovely enamel 
work. Yours for only $85.00

Sterling bracelet (7.5 inches) with some bright
and lovely stones. $45.00

How Zen can you get? A sterling silver Peace Cat that can
be worn as a pendant OR a pin. Made by American artist Lois Wagner - she still
makes them, but now they are silver plate on copper.

Sterling silver pendant and earrings set
with Variscite. $60.00 for everything you see.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Copper Magnet Bracelets Now At Chimera Design

This gentleman is Sergio Lub - he has been making bracelets from pure copper, jeweler's brass, and German silver at his shop in California since 1969! Sergio has traveled the world - both for inspiration and for hands on training with metalsmiths from all over.

Sergio Lub Bracelets is a family affair - his daughter Sonia has been working with him for several years now and we just learned that his son, Nikolas, has joined the team.

The use a combination of old world craftsmanship and modern technology to make some of the nicest copper/magnet bracelets we have ever seen (or worn!). Cliff has been wearing bracelets since he was in the 8th grade and bought a brass bull ring for his wrist - he is very pleased to have these bracelets in our store - especially since they are made by a family business in the United States.

We have 20 different styles in the store now - they range in price from $25 to $69 - 
another reason we love them, excellent value!

You can stop in the store and try one on or you are
welcome to peek at the styles we have 
in our online store, click the link below:

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Jewelry Appraisals New or Updated for $75 First Piece, $45 Each Additional

Many people in our area are paying way too much for jewelry appraisals. We have heard repeated stories of $200 for just one item. The other day a lady told Cliff her husband took her wedding set back to the chain store he bought it from and they wanted to charge him $300 for a written appraisal on two items.

Here at Chimera a written appraisal for one piece is $75 and each additional is $45, so that couple is going to have an extra $180 in their pocket and still end up with an appraisal from a GIA Diamonds Graduate. Cliff started in the jewelry business 20 years ago and earned his certification from GIA in 1998.

Why Do You Need An Appraisal?
We highly recommend that anyone who purchase an engagement, wedding, or partnership ring from us insures it against all risks. This is typically done on a homeowners policy - the piece or pieces are listed separately or "scheduled" against all risks - loss, theft, and even damage.

The cost is reasonable. In Michigan it is typically between $10 and $15 per thousand dollars of value. So it would cost $40 to $60 per year to insure a $4,000 ring.

Some insurance companies want the appraisals updated after 5 to 7 years which is really to YOUR advantage to make sure that you are not over or under insured.

Stuff Happens
Because these types of rings are typically worn 24/7/365, it is smart to have them insured. We have seen some interesting losses in our time. One lady had her ring flushed down the toilet by her toddler. Another one "hid" her ring in the coffee grinder at the cottage because her husband "never got up first and ground the coffee". Well, he did!

If you need a new appraisal or need your old one updated, bring it on in. Cliff usually only needs your ring(s) for a couple of hours. You can drop it off in the morning and pick it up the same day. Not only will you get an appraisal, but Cliff will give it the Spa Treatment - your ring will be buffed then spend some time in a nice, heated ultrasonic unit and blasted clean with steam.

All for $75 for the first piece and $45 for each additional item. 

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Love The Mitten - Michigan Themed Jewelry at Chimera Design

This Petoskey Stone Mitten in Sterling is made for us
by a husband and wife team Up North.
We love the Mitten - what is not to love? Lots of Great Lakes water and the most distinctive shape of any of the United States. We have a nice selection of Michigan Themed Jewelry - from $28 sterling Mitten earrings to a Leeland Blue Mitten Pendant for $157.00.

Most of what we have can be admired, and purchased on our website:

Petoskey Stone and Other Michigan Themed Jewelry

$28 Sterling Silver Mittens

Got Sparty? MSU beads for Pandora and other bracelets.
We also have U of M, CMU, EMU, WMU, and CMU beads.

Put a Mitten on your Pandora bracelet - show your Michigan Pride.

FYI - all of our Petoskey stone jewelry as well as the college and Mitten sterling beads for Pandora and other bracelets are 
Our sterling Mitten earrings and pendant are made in the USA. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Give Your Favorite Ring a Day At The Spa - only $15

Bring your ring in for a Day at the Spa 

$15 includes an inspection, buffing, a warm ultrasonic bath
and a cleansing blast of steam.

Your ring serves you well every day. Treat to a few hours of luxury at Chimera Design.

We will begin with a thorough inspection of all the tips, prongs, channels, bezels,
as well as the shank of your ring to make sure all the diamonds and gems are secure.

Then your ring is taken to the back room for a vigorous 
2,850 rpm massage from our Handler buffer. Our hand selected 
jewelers rouge will erase surface scratches and return your precious metal to a 
lovely glow.

Your ring will then be gently lowered into the heated tank of our
Branson 2510 ultrasonic. Special cleaning material dissolved in the water
will search our all the dirt and grime while your ring is 
basking in the comfort of 40kz ultrasonic waves.

No trip to a jewelry Day Spa is complete without the cleansing, purifying 
power of steam. Our 1300 watt Steam Dragon will blast away
any left over dirt or rouge with blasts of vaporized distilled
water delivered at somewhere between 90-125 psi.

All this for $15 per ring.