Friday, January 13, 2017

Mandala Art From Canadian Artist Adam Millward at Chimera Design

When we opened in 2002, we were a combination Art Gallery & Jewelry Store.
At one point we had work from 42 local artists.

Those days are gone - there are a couple galleries on our street now.

However, we still love art. A few weeks ago, Cliff found a Canadian
artist Adam Millward and fell in love with his Mandala art.

These are 10"x 10" Prints
Signed and numbered.
$36 in a simple frame.
$30 with no frame. 

Come on in and take a look - Adam's work is captivating.

New Gemstone & Freshwater Pearl Jewelry At Chimera Design

We have a great relationship with a group of talented artists in Tucson, Arizona. 
We just unpacked almost 100 new pieces of their jewelry - stop in and see them in person.

 The necklace above is a great combination of Jasper.

Below are some very nice, lustrous freshwater pearls.

Looks like Turquoise - but it is really Howlite and freshwater pearls. 

Chalcedony and freshwater pearls.

Julie Has Been Busy - New Original Sterling Jewelry at Chimera Design

Julie has been busy at the bench -
We are kicking off the New Year with some
New Jewelry!

You can take a closer look and get prices on her jewelry 

Scissor Rings and Earrings - Great Gift for Hair Stylists and Seamstresses

These are made by our friends at Cavallo Fine Jewelry in Red Hook, NY.

Let your pinkie finger shine! (or you can wear them on a different finger)

The rings come in 14kt gold - with or without the diamond
and you can get one in sterling silver - with or without a diamond.

Your ears can be part of the fun, too!
They only make the earrings in gold because silver is too soft and the
blades on the scissors bend.

If you want one of these call Cliff 616-897-9480.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Colorful, unique jewelry with gemstone beads, pearls - Made in The US

We just received our second shipment of jewelry from our new partners -
Pan American in Tucson, Arizona.

As you can see, the buy gems, pearls, and unique glass beads from around the world.
Then their designers and jewelers put them together in unique combinations.

We did so well with our first order from them, we filled our cases with even MORE this time.

As you can see, their jewelry ranges from the wonderful colors in the top picture
to variations of black, white, and gray in the middle one.

The best news? The prices are fantastic - for instance, there are 6 pair of earrings
in the picture below that are only $20!!

The most expensive pair is the colorful set in the middle on 14kt yellow gold.
You can wear those home for only $128.00
(They feature peridot, amethyst, citrine, garnet & freshwater pearls.)

Friday, July 8, 2016

We are getting some great Estate Jewelry in This Summer.

Gold plate over sterling silver - 5x7 peridot and lovely enamel 
work. Yours for only $85.00

Sterling bracelet (7.5 inches) with some bright
and lovely stones. $45.00

How Zen can you get? A sterling silver Peace Cat that can
be worn as a pendant OR a pin. Made by American artist Lois Wagner - she still
makes them, but now they are silver plate on copper.

Sterling silver pendant and earrings set
with Variscite. $60.00 for everything you see.