Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Anniversary bands from $748 to $2925.

We found a line of anniversary bands we can sell with confidence.
They come in your choice 14kt white or yellow gold.
.25 ctw round
They range in size from .25ctw (above) to 1.00ctw (bottom pictures).
The prices range from $748.00 to $2,925.00 based on average ring size 7.
.33 ctw baguettes.

.50 ctw round
Take a look at the quality of the construction of these rings.
The diamonds are truly set in a channel of gold - so many of the
anniversary rings available today are "faux" channels - they look like
channels but closer inspection reveals the diamonds are held in place by tiny
little beads of gold. See the example 5 pictures down.

 .75 ctw baguette (above) and round (below).
Any of these rings are capable of being worn 24/7
on their own as a wedding ring.
Above and below 1.00 ctw round diamonds.
Notice the solid construction of this ring.

Here is an example of what Julie and I call a "faux" channel.
See how the diamonds are held in place by just a very small amount of gold?
That is why there is a diamond missing! This type of poorly done diamond setting will NOT last.
Compare it to the true channels on the rings we have pictured here.

Look at how thick and solid the shank is in the ring above.
That equals durability and years of enjoyment for YOU.

 Julie will NOT allow me to sell any jewelry that she doesn't think will
provide years of serviceable wear. Diamond rings represent a serious investment -
you deserve quality and good construction.
Here is a zoom in on the top and side view
of the 1.00 ctw baguette ring. Built to last!

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