Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hand carved cherry blossom ring with .50 ct VS2 H diamond.

Our friend Andy is a great wax carver, so we asked him to carve a
wax for us with cherry blossoms. He did and then cast it in
14kt X1 white gold (X1 never needs rhodium plating to stay white).

Cliff found an almost perfectly square .50 ct VS2 H princess
cut diamond for the ring. (4.34x4.40mm).

Julie set the diamond is a very nice 14kt rose gold head that protects
all four corners of the diamond very well.
We only made one - $3,250.00.

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Anonymous said...

9lonnaThOh my gosh... Julie, I see these and lust after most of them.. Not quite all.. Such imaginative works..