Thursday, June 7, 2012

We can help with your Estate Jewelry.

Suppose you find yourself with a selection of jewelry from a family member. Not sure what is what? Are those REAL diamonds? Is that chain white gold, sterling silver or something else altogether? Are these service pins worth any money? Could these big, gaudy earrings be made of something valuable or are they just costume?

If you find yourself with a confusing array of jewelry - bring it in and let Cliff and Julie assist you.

We have helped many people make sense of the jewelry they have inherited and make the most of it.

First - using our experience and test equipment, we can help you determine exactly what you have. Sometimes those stones dangling at the end of those earring you will NEVER wear turn out to be real diamonds that you would love to wear in a new setting. Sometimes those big, ugly pieces that you are sure could NOT be made from a precious metal really are. Once we have figured out what you have, there are options:

1. We buy gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and some gems outright. We even buy selected pieces of COSTUME JEWELRY. You get a check the same day.

2. We can repair, re-size, re-mount or custom design a completely new piece of jewelry using what you have.

3. We have developed relationships with several dealers in New York and Chicago who specialize in buying unusual and vintage fine jewelry and loose diamonds. Here is how the process works: We take digital pictures and send them out with descriptions in emails. The interested party or parties will give us a price range based on the information they have. If it seems acceptable, the we send your jewelry, completely insured, to them and relay the concrete offer(s). If you accept, the deal is done and you usually have the money in your hand within 5-7 days. If not - the jewelry is returned and you pay for the postage.

4. We can also do appraisals so that every member of the family has an idea of the value of the jewelry.

One recent example comes to mind. The daughter of a local lady inherited several small boxes of jewelry from her husbands side of the family. They were in the process of shopping for a new home so they wanted to sell almost all of the jewelry. Between the gold. silver, and diamonds we bought outright and the jewelry and/or loose diamonds we sent to New York and Chicago - the couple realized $9,251.00 to put toward their house. PLUS- they repaired a couple of items so they could enjoy them for years to come.

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