Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pink Arrow Pride 2012 - new sterling Pink Arrow bead.

Chimera Design is working with Pink Arrow Pride and the Collegiate Bead Company on a custom made Pink Arrow bead. ALL of the profits will go directly to the Pink Arrow fund that helps families in Lowell who are fighting cancer.
The bead will be made right here in Michigan and will be available at Chimera Design and other places to be announced. Right now the bead is in the design process - but we should have the finished product before the end of July. It will be an enamel bead with the logo (above) in pink and the word "Lowell" on the other side surrounded by more pink enamel.
Wear it with pride on your Pandora (or other similar) bracelet. Or just wear it around your neck by itself. $59.00......COMING SOON!

Click on this link to learn more about the great things done by the Pink Arrow People: Pink Arrow Pride

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