Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our efforts to be a Eco Friendly jewelry store.

Here is a list of things we do at Chimera Design to be as friendly to the environment as we can.

1. We recycle every week.
a. All cardboard boxes that we receive shipments/merchandise in.
b. Our paper - office paper, magazines, newspapers, junk mail, etc. etc.
c. Batteries - we take them over to the library.
d. Glass and plastic bottles that we drink out of.
e. We actually bring all of the above from home and recycle it here, too.

2. All the watch batteries I replace get recycled.

3. We have replaced about half of our showroom lights with CFE's.

4. We leave most of the showroom lights off until the first customer of the day comes in. Sometimes that is right when we open (or even before) but sometimes we keep them off for as long as one to two hours.

5. We use recycled paper towels and toilet paper. The brand is Sunrise by Marcal - made from 100% recycled fiber (80% of which is post consumer content). Both products are very satisfactory.

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