Monday, July 17, 2017

Looking For Curved Wedding Band? Chimera Design Has Them - Loving Embrace

Does your engagement ring curve?
Looking for a band to follow the contour without the time and expense of custom?

Say "hello" to our little friend - the Loving Embrace System from Ptak Brothers in New York.

We start with these 13 curves that field testing demonstrated fit 95% of all engagement rings.

Once we find the curve that best hugs your engagement ring - then you can choose from
any of TWENTY FIVE (yup, 25) different wedding band style. Since each band can be
made from any of the 13 curves that means you have a potential field of 325 rings to find a match.

The 25 bands go from simple bands made in the metal of your choice -
white, yellow, or rose gold in 10, 14, or 18kt 
or platinum
or paladium -
to bands that are decorated with all kinds of bling 
- diamonds or gemstones or BOTH.

The BEST part? Prices start at less than $300.
We cannot make a custom shadow band for that amount of money.

Sally let us share some pictures of her ring.
Curve #9 fit like a glove - look at the results.

If you have a curvy engagement ring, bring it on
in to Chimera Design and we can help you find the perfect
Loving Embrace wedding band.

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