Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Colored Diamond Jewelry - Introductory Priced at 30% Off

Just in - 14kt white gold jewelry set with COLORED diamonds.

These diamonds have been treated in the US to render the different colors you see here.
This is a permanent treatment - unless you plan on exposing the diamonds
to temperatures above 900 degrees.

We are excited to have these beautiful creations from
Lotus Colors in New York. We are offering them at an introductory
price of 30% off. Take a look.

.99 ctw diamond ring - could be a great fashion statement
or a beautiful engagement/wedding ring.
$4463.00 - NOW $3,124.00

A rainbow of colored diamonds in earrings and a matching pendant.
Earrings 1.51 ctw $4238 - NOW only $2967.00
Pendant .91 ctw $2238.00 NOW only $1567.00

.50 ctw diamond stud earrings 
Your choice of yellow, blue, or green in 14kt white gold settings.
$1138.00 - NOW only $797.00

14kt white gold ring with .77 ctw of colored diamonds.
$2615.00 - NOW only $1,831.00

Go Green - Go White!!
14kt white gold ring with .51 ctw of diamonds
$1488.00 - NOW only $1042.00

14kt white gold earrings with 1.00 ctw of diamonds
$2988.00 - NOW only $2092.00

Mention to Cliff that you saw this on the blog or Facebook
and he will throw in the sales tax - YOU SAVE AN ADDITIONAL 6%!!

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