Friday, January 9, 2015

Two beautiful engagement rings we are VERY excited about.

We are starting the new year very excited about some new offerings
from one of our vendors. This ring is elegant and simple,
but it is extremely well built and durable.
We also have a relationship with a diamond cutter from New Jersey!
Michael stopped by last fall and we were BLOWN away
by his diamonds. He cuts them himself and he specializes
in VS1-2 clarity and I-J color (near colorless).
His diamonds are precision cut to Ideal proportions.
They SPARKLE like crazy and are a great value.
(see one below)

The top two are computer images, the images above and below
are actual pictures of the ring set with
one of Michael's 
.50ct Ideal Cut VS2 I color diamond.

This ring can be set with any size or shape diamond.
Here are some prices using VS2 I-J ideal cut round diamonds.
.33 ct $1,618 to $1,818
.50 ct $2,018 to $2,218
.75 ct $3,218 to $3,418
1.00 ct $4,718 to $4,918
If you need a little more bling, we offer the same ring
with .20 ctw of diamonds bead set in the shank.

This ring can also be set with any size or shape diamond.
Here are some prices with Ideal cut diamonds from Michael:
.33 ct center $2,045 to $2,245
.50 ct center $2,545 to $2,745
.75 ct center $3,695 to $3,845
1.00 ct center $5,125 to $5,445

This is one of Michael's diamonds.
.58 ct VS2 I - Ideal Cut
Sparkles like crazy - 

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