Saturday, January 4, 2014

We want to sell YOUR gently used jewelry.

We would love the opportunity to sell your
gently used jewelry for you on consignment.

Over the last couple of years we have paid out thousands of dollars to people by selling their jewelry for them. If you have some patience, you can realize much more money for your jewelry when you let us sell it on consignment versus what you will be paid for the scrap value of the gold or if you sell it to a pawn shop or a jeweler.

Here is an example. This 18kt white gold pin and pendant combination had a scrap value of  $181.00. There is not much gold weight here - the price included paying for the melee diamonds.

Instead, we reached an agreed upon price range and the seller ended up with $525.00 after a couple of months. Even without a calculator you know $525 is way better than $181!
We sold a diamond for a lady last year - the best offer she received from a number of jewelry stores in Grand Rapids to buy it out right was $700.00. By leaving it with us on consignment, she ended up with $1,300.00 - almost double her best offer.
How it works: bring your jewelry in and let Cliff take a look at it. We want to price it attractively, by that we mean 30-50% less than new. We agree upon a price or price range that the sale will net YOU and then we give you a receipt for the item(s). We make between 20% to 30% commission on consignment. When it sells, we send you a check.
Everybody wins.
The buyer saves money on nice jewelry, YOU get MORE for your
jewelry and Chimera makes some money.

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