Thursday, October 24, 2013

Eric builds a ring for Raelyn

Eric wanted to surprise Raelyn with the perfect engagement ring.
He enlisted the help of her best friend and over the course of a couple of weeks,
we pieced together all the elements for a "just right" ring.
We built a nice heavy setting that was a little wider than what we could get from a manufacturer and accented the center diamond with 3 channel set on each side of the lovely center diamond.
They stopped in the store to say "Hi" yesterday. Being the smart guy I am, I can
tell by the smiles and the ring on her finger Raelyn said "yes".
Raelyn was nice enough to let me borrow this great shot
of their engagement announcement.
Congratulations to Eric and Raelyn.
The star of the picture would be Layla, shown below puffing on a Milk Bone stogey.

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Sally Zokoe said...

Awesome! We can't wait for your special day Raelyn!

Sally Zokoe