Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tungsten Rings - Made in the USA - only $69 at Chimera Design.

We have just found a great source for Tungsten bands.
The company makes 98% of what they sell in house -
in the USA!
All of these Tungsten bands are only $69.00.
They are 6 to 8mm wide with that nice, heavy feel of Tungsten.
Also - since Tungsten rings cannot be sized, if your finger
should get bigger or smaller, then you can get a whole new ring for just $12.00. 
WG6 This one has a satin finish in the
center with high polished edges.


WG3 The high polish and satin finish alternate. 

WG1 This 6mm band has two satin finished grooves.
WG5 is an 8mm wide high polish with three grooves. 

WG4  The polished edges on this one are rounded off.

WG2 is an 8mm wide black tungsten with a satin finish.

WG7  The hammered look is great on this 8mm wide ring.

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