Thursday, May 2, 2013

Asscher cut 1.00 ctw 3 stone diamond ring - $1,700.00.

Want something a little different than the Princess cut diamonds your friends have?
Consider the Asscher cut:
"The Asscher shape diamond was developed in 1902 by the Asscher Brothers of Holland and is a variation of an Emerald cut. The Asscher cut is a stepped square cut also known as a Modified Square Emerald cut. This cut offers a small table (largest facet on a stone) high crown (top portion of the stone) deep pavilions (lower portion of the stone), and cut corners. With its 72 wide step facets it resembles that of an octagon and sparkles like the Round Brilliant. This cut is designed to draw your eye directly into the diamond."

We have a lovely Asscher cut three stone in 14kt white gold
that was just put in our Estate case.
Size 7.25
1.00 ctw
This ring was originally over $3,000.00
It can be yours for $1,700.00.

I zoomed in on these VS clarity diamonds to try and show the beauty.
Come on in and see it in person - MUCH BETTER.
Center diamond is .50 ct accented by two .25 ct.

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