Friday, May 4, 2012

Michigan Mitten Beads for your bracelet.

 Here at Chimera we are crazy about our home state. What is not to love? Four seasons - miles and miles of the best beaches on the planet on FRESH water with NO sharks!
These sterling Mittens are made to fit on Pandora bracelets as well as those from every major brand. You can have a plain Mitten or one with "Michigan" spelled out for everyone to see! 

Grand Rapids is a suburb of Lowell (but don't tell anyone there) and they have their very own mitten.
Say Ya! to da U.P. too, eh?  We have not forgotten the beautiful Upper Peninsula.

All of these sterling beads are $49.00 - but you can order them during the month of May for just $39.00.

There are a bunch of other Michigan towns and cities available. Look here:

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