Thursday, March 29, 2012

How Julie makes her interlocking rings.

We have all heard the words "two become one" at weddings or commitment ceremonies. Julie decided to craft rings with that concept in mind - she wanted to make two rings that fit together from one piece of metal. Julie starts with one solid piece of metal stock. In the picture below you can see where she has scribed a line in the middle of the sterling silver. Then she traced a circle so that she could put the bezel mounted diamonds within that circle.

 This next picture shows the line drawn in red which she will follow with a saw to cut two "rings" from the one piece of stock.

The next picture is of two pieces of mokume that she cut to make a pair of rings. (Mokume is produced by layering copper and sterling silver, combining them under pressure and slicing the metal to get the wood grain look.

One the metal is cut, then the two bands are shaped into rings and made into their respective sizes. This picture shows the top view of the completed sterling silver rings set with round diamonds in white gold bezels.

This picture shows the larger of the two rings on its side.

Here are the completed Mokume rings from the picture above. The larger of the two (above) was to remain a band with no gems while the smaller one below was made with bezel set created alexandrite and emeralds.

Two rings from one piece of metal - interlocking bands from Julie Claire DeVoe. Exclusively at Chimera Design.

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