Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flasks - They are back at Chimera Design.

Yippee! Flasks are back at Chimera Design.

We sold flasks for several years and then our supplier phased out of them We have been getting requests lately and I am happy to report we are back in the flask business.
We have a pretty good selection in the store AND we have access to another hundred or so styles, shapes, and capacities. From the little 4 oz leather one to 12 oz all steel versions. We have Jack Daniels flasks and the more feminine selections like the one below with crystals or the Amy Brown "Naughty Fairy". 

Flasks are fun and they make great gifts. They range in price from $12 to $80 with the majority of them in the $30 to $45 price range. Come on in and take a look. 

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