Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Custom rings for bride and groom at Chimera Design.

 Mike had some ideas for Suzy's ring. He wanted the center diamond to be complemented by sapphires and his vision for the sapphires was for them to be "bermed" into the ring. The finished ring is in the picture above.

 Suzy loved the ring and she and Mike worked together on two bands to be soldered on either side of her engagement ring. We flush set sapphires opposite the diamond and flush set diamonds opposite the sapphires to create the ring you see above.

Mike did not want any gemstones in his ring, but he did want to reflect the pattern of the "berms" in Suzy's ring. So we did that - you can see the results above.

Mike and Suzy are heading off into the sunset (they are moving out west) with their custom rings - all cast in 14kt X1 white (X1 has a platinum dirivitive in the allow and should never have to be rhodium plated). We wish them all the best out West!

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