Friday, September 10, 2010

Let me brag on Lowell a little bit: Pink Arrow Pride 2010.

For the last three years our HS football team has been a catalyst for fighting cancer on a local level. For one day the Lowell Red Arrows become Pink Arrows. The seed planted by Coach Dean has grown into a community wide fund raising extravaganza.

All manner of fund raising takes place from gas stations to coffe shops. Thousands of Pink Arrow t-shirts are sold and the community rallies. The cool part is that some 60-65% of the money raised stays right here to help local families with members who are battling cancer.

This video done by staff members at the high school is a good indication of the support for this effort:

This kind of thing is why we encouraged our son and daughter in law to move out here and why we helped our daughter to start a coffee shop in Lowell. It is a great community.

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