Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You want the best in pearls? We can get 'em.

We had occasion to get in touch with The Pearl Goddess for a customer this week. She was interested in some chocolate pearls and she wanted them all in one color. What a great excuse to call Betty Sue and see what she had in the vault.

These are examples of natural chocolate colored Tahatian pearls - 9-11mm in size. The strand on the left is $8,800.00 and on the right $9,300.00.

Here are some other stunning examples of the gorgeous pearls we can get for you. Shimmering natural beauty can be yours - just let us know what you want. From the fun of dyed freshwater strands for $100 to a mouth watering rainbow of big, round natural Tahatians for more than the price of most cars - we have a source that can provide pearls for you.

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