Monday, April 27, 2009

Make sure - Tips for buying jewelry on vacation 2.

I just exchanged some emails with a young lady. She and her fiance have a sad tale. They were in Jamaica on vacation - he decided to propose and bought an engagement ring. The "jeweler" there sold them a ring that was the wrong size - he told them "any jeweler" could size it for them when they got home. He also told them they had a 30 satisfaction guarantee.

None of that turned out to be true.

She wrote this: "My fiance' proposed to me recently with a diamond engagement ring he purchased while we were on vacation. He was promised that he would have no problems getting the ring re-sized and unfortunately that is all we have had is problems getting it re-sized. No one will touch it because they say that the stones on the setting will fall out."
I advised her to dispute the charges for the ring on their credit card.

She responded: "He owns stores in Florida as well as Jamaica and he showed American Express a receipt that basically said you had 30 days if you purchased the ring in the Florida store, but if you purchased the ring in Jamaica all sales were final. However, we never signed this receipt or saw it. He told us we had 30 days."

The lesson - be careful what you purchase when you are traveling. There are many reputable jewelers all over the world, but there are many who have no problem decieving tourists - after all, it isn't like you are going to jump back on a jet to dispute the issue with them.

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