Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Black opals directly from Australia in sunny Lowell, Michigan.

These are the real deal - dug out of the ground in Coober Pedy.
Our opal guy, Chris, likes to call it the "armpit of Australia" because
of the furnace hot temperatures and harsh conditions.
We have opals with diamonds as well as pieces with just opals.

We recently had a lady in the showroom looking at the
opals with her friend. She and her husband had just visited Australia
a couple months previously and she told her friend that our prices
were better than some she had seen there.

The opals only come from a very limited area in Australia.
They are called "black" because the rock the opalized material is found in
is dark - not white like the traditional opals.
About 80% of all opals found in jewelry come from Australia.

If you like Australian Black Opals - or if you have never seen
them in person, then please stop in and take one for a test drive.

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