Monday, October 6, 2008

Another CAD beauty.

Jere Keyes and I got to do our thing again this week. Veronica came in and wanted to celebrate her anniversary with a band in white gold that would match the contours of her yellow gold wedding ring.
She was very specific in that she wanted the gold in the new ring to have the same thickness as her wedding ring. Here is the image that she and I worked up on our GemVision system. To get the correct proportions, I took a picture of her wedding ring and then matched the angles and thickness.

Once we had the image we wanted, then I zipped it over to our associate Jere Keyes who has a different sort of CAD system. He can take my 2-D images and turn them into a 3D image of the piece of jewelry we are trying to create. Then his computer driven lathe actually carves the design in wax. Jere then casts it in the preferred metal, sets the gemstones and Veronica is ready to celebrate with a new ring custom made to her specifications.
Pictured below is the 14kt white gold ring.

This picture shows how well the new white gold ring fits

alongside her yellow gold wedding ring.

If you have a jewelry design floating around in YOUR imagination, then please stop in and let us get to work to create a piece of jewelry just like you imagine! Your dreams can become a reality at Chimera Design.

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