Saturday, January 30, 2016

Give Your Favorite Ring a Day At The Spa - only $15

Bring your ring in for a Day at the Spa 

$15 includes an inspection, buffing, a warm ultrasonic bath
and a cleansing blast of steam.

Your ring serves you well every day. Treat to a few hours of luxury at Chimera Design.

We will begin with a thorough inspection of all the tips, prongs, channels, bezels,
as well as the shank of your ring to make sure all the diamonds and gems are secure.

Then your ring is taken to the back room for a vigorous 
2,850 rpm massage from our Handler buffer. Our hand selected 
jewelers rouge will erase surface scratches and return your precious metal to a 
lovely glow.

Your ring will then be gently lowered into the heated tank of our
Branson 2510 ultrasonic. Special cleaning material dissolved in the water
will search our all the dirt and grime while your ring is 
basking in the comfort of 40kz ultrasonic waves.

No trip to a jewelry Day Spa is complete without the cleansing, purifying 
power of steam. Our 1300 watt Steam Dragon will blast away
any left over dirt or rouge with blasts of vaporized distilled
water delivered at somewhere between 90-125 psi.

All this for $15 per ring.

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