Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The importance of having your wedding ring insured.

Anytime we create an engagement ring for someone, I always discuss the importance of having jewelry insured - especially your wedding ring since they are generally worn 24/7.

Many people assume that they have coverage with their homeowners policy - while this is true, there is usually a limited type of coverage and a sizable deductible. What you need to really cover a wedding ring is to have it scheduled on your policy. When you have a rider for specific jewelry items you pay an additional premium but it is generally All Risk coverage which means it covers theft, mysterious disappearance, and even damage.

If you do not have your wedding ring or other valuable jewelry insured, Jeweler's Mututal/Perfect Circle has just made getting a quote to insure your jewelry very, very easy. Simply go to Perfect Circle Insurance for a painless quote. At the top of the form put in Jeweler Code: A01904 to get the free, no obligation quote. You can also learn a lot about jewelry insurance at this very informative site.

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