Thursday, May 26, 2011

The importance of check ups for your diamond ring(s).

A lady just came in the store with this ring. She is lucky that she did not lose her center diamond or any of the accent diamonds. As you can see above 3 of her 6 prongs are totally worn away.

Here is a side view - you can see that there is no gold securing the diamond from three of her prongs - the other three are worn very, very flat. Take a look at the accent diamonds and you can see where they have been worn flat as well.

One more view - all those tips started life as nice little rounded beads that secured the diamonds into the mounting.  This lady is lucky that she didn't lose her diamond.

Please stop in anytime and we will be happy to give your diamond ring a nice bath in a heated ultrasonic, a cleansing shot of steam and a good examination. We don't charge anything for this service and it will allow YOU to catch any problems BEFORE losing a diamond.

Most ladies wear their diamond rings 24/7 - there is nothing wrong with that, but they do need to be inspected and maintained from time to time. Normal wear and tear will flatten out the tips - let us help you keep an eye on them.

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