Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some new gemstones at Chimera

A is for ametrine - a naturally occuring mixture of amethyst and citrine. The temperature of the earth determines if the quartz becomes purple or golden - sometimes we get a mix. This one is a biggie - 24.8 x 16.5mm.
Check out the coolio cut on this ametrine - 27.7 x 18.6mm.

This 17mm square green quartz has a lot of yellow in it - it shows up when the gemstone moves (I was able to capture a little of it in the picture, but it looks way better in person).

Another rockin' green quartz - this one weighs 12.55 ct.
We just bought these gemstones, so they are laying around loose and if one of them caught your eye, then please come in and take a look in person. Julie would love to make something for you.

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