Saturday, October 25, 2008

Citizen Skyhawk: Light powered & always on time.

The Citizen Skyhawk is is the watch for your favorite nerd! (The Blue Angels have an authorized model of this watch.) The Skyhawk is always on time - the accuracy of this timepiece is radio controlled. It gets a signal at least once a day (you can do it manually as well) to keep you right on time.
Eco-Drive means it is powered by light - never needs a battery.
It also features:
5 year warranty
2 alarms
99 minute countdown timer
World time in 43 cities
1/100th second Chronograph up to 24 hours
Rotating slide rule bezel
Non-relective crystal

Thank God you will not have to rely on Cliff to help you use this - it comes with a CD and there is an 800 number at Citizen to answer your questions. (Actually I just spent some quality time with the watch and can use almost all of the features.)
The JY0000-53E sells for $599.00 - mention the blog and save 20%.

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