Friday, January 5, 2018

Yellow Diamonds - Extraordinary Engagement Rings

We had a great experience in December - one of our favorite diamond vendors, Aleah in Chicago, put up a picture of this 2.00 ct Fancy Yellow diamond at a GREAT price.
A two carat for LESS than $8,000!

We shared it on our Facebook page and a few hours later someone came in looking for yellow diamonds. She had been looking all over Grand Rapids for a yellow diamond ring. In 24 hours we had the diamond in the picture above along with two yellow diamond rings for her to consider:

Still pictures do NOT do justice to the fantastic SPARKLE power of these rings.

She was shopping for her future brother in law - they ended up choosing
the ring in the picture below. 1.50 ct Fancy Yellow diamond accented by
.35 ctw in white diamonds set in 18kt white gold. For $7,800.00

Julie and I got to keep the oval ring - the 2.32 ct Fancy Yellow really knocked people's 
socks off - we showed to everyone who came in the store. We were having a blast and 
men and women really responded to the beauty of yellow diamonds.

We shared a few more pieces from our friend in Chicago:

Then Cliff happened to be talking to a diamond guy from New York and he told
Jason how folks were going crazy for fancy yellow diamonds.

Turns out Jason loves them as well and he has a great selection
of them - most of them are mounted, but he has loose ones, too.

Here is a sample of the Fancy Yellow Diamonds from Jason:

The point here - if you are searching for an engagement ring, or any kind of diamond jewelry, that you are not going to see on the hand of all your friends - consider a Fancy Yellow -

If you want to experience the beauty of yellow diamonds for yourself, call Cliff 616-897-9480 and set up a time for a personal visitation. You will be blown away.

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