Saturday, May 6, 2017

Beautiful Turquoise Jewelry - From a collector.

If you love turquoise, then you might want to stop in our shop.

We have a dozen pieces from a local lady who has collected turquoise for many decades.
She has decided that she wants to sell some pieces from her extensive collection.

Several of these pieces are signed - The big, big bracelet is Gary Reeves. 
The marquise shaped ring is signed by Harrison Jim.
(We had a Pete Sierra piece, but it sold 2 hours after we put it out!)

The turquoise in the bolo is wonderful - a full range of color and some pyrite.

These two bracelets were made during hard times when the Indians used German silver instead of sterling silver to save money - as you can see, the turquoise is wonderful.

The necklace below was actually put together by the collector, Julie.
It has turquoise nuggets, red coral, onyx and "navajo pearls".

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