Monday, November 7, 2011

New Strellman's Rings - new styles and stone cuts. Part 1.

ST44 in 14kt yellow gold.

 We just received some brand new styles from our friends at Strellman's. Not only do they have new rings, earrings, and pendants - but they are set with some gemstones in new shaped cuts as well.
ST 46 in 14kt yellow gold and tarnish resistant silver.

 All of them are available in sterling silver, white or yellow 14kt gold, or (sometimes) a two tone mixture of both of them. Because of the constantly changing price of precious metals, we will not be posting prices - please contact Cliff for your best price on Strellman's dramatic jewelry.
ST 47 in sterling silver.
These examples are set with the new cuts (from the top) Cappricio, and Cushion Antique for the bottom two rings. The new styles are available in seven different gemstones - come on in a take a look in person.
Here is a link to the entire Strellman's selection
in their catalogs:

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