Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Custom jewelry over the internet.

We do custom design for people we never meet. Lisa lives in Kansas and she found us on the web. Her initial interest was in a piece of jewelry from Strellman's. Once she became the proud owner of one of their Lighthouse Lens rings, she asked if Julie could take several gemstones out of their current settings and mount them into one custom made pendant.

Sure - Julie can do that. She sketched out a couple of possibilities for mounting the stones and we scanned the sketch and e-mailed it to Lisa. She approved it and Julie made the pendant. Below is a picture Lisa posted on our Facebook page of her lovely pendant.

Not only did Lisa end up with a pendant, but we gave her credit toward the job for the gold we removed all the gemstones from. That helped keep her cost for a custom pendant down.

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ta2dbtrfly said...

wow, that is a gorgeous piece of art, a conversation piece!
i love it.