Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Helen treats her daughter to a Strellman's ring.

A few weeks ago Helen got in touch with me about a surprise for her daughter. I will let Helen tell the story:

"The ring is for our soon to be 16 yr old daughter. She is not getting to graduate from the high school she wants to (the district split) and she doesn’t want a class ring from the old HS if she isn’t graduating there or from the new HS because she doesn’t feel any loyalty to it.

Additionally, she is a very dear and Christlike young woman who truly does magnify the light of Christ (often likened to a Lighthouse). I was searching about for a way to get a ring with the Fresnel lens motif and was coming up empty when I happened upon the Strellman cut and was thrilled to see such a beautiful method of cutting a gem. [Note: it is called a Lighthouse Lens cut.]

For her 16th birthday, we planned to travel from our home in a landlocked state to Chicago for a visit with her favorite aunt and a weekend of fun in the big city. We surprised Hannah with a trip to the Grosse Point Lighthouse, which has a keeper’s museum and a 2nd Order Fresnel lens and then presented her with the ring. So, you can see, there was a lot riding on this being a stunning ring. I read all I could about your jewelry business and even indulged in reading Cliff’s blog (which I liked very much), and I feel confident that I have found the right place to entrust such a request".

The Grosse Point Lighthouse - what a great place to give Hannah
a Lighthouse Lens cut ring from Strellman's.

 Hannah gets her first look at her Lighthouse Lens "class" ring.

Helen continues:  "Well the weekend was awesome! We drove to the Lighthouse and Museum, took the tour and at this point had to tell her we would be giving her her gift at the top of the lighthouse because she was getting kind of antsy. We presented her with a letter, explaining all the reasons we felt she was an example of someone who magnified the light of Christ, just as the Fresnel lens magnifies a lighthouse light, and presented her with her ring. It will definitely be an extraordinary memory for all of us, and everytime she looks at her beautiful ring, she will remember what her true essence is.

Thank you so much for working so hard for me to make this such a success. The ring was perfect, the color and stone you recommended was perfect, communicating with you was a pleasure and I really could tell that you cared about making this a special moment for us. You will always have a warm place in my heart for caring so much!"

Thanks Helen - This kind of a story makes being in the jewelry business fantastic. 

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