Saturday, February 27, 2016

Love The Mitten - Michigan Themed Jewelry at Chimera Design

This Petoskey Stone Mitten in Sterling is made for us
by a husband and wife team Up North.
We love the Mitten - what is not to love? Lots of Great Lakes water and the most distinctive shape of any of the United States. We have a nice selection of Michigan Themed Jewelry - from $28 sterling Mitten earrings to a Leeland Blue Mitten Pendant for $157.00.

Most of what we have can be admired, and purchased on our website:

Petoskey Stone and Other Michigan Themed Jewelry

$28 Sterling Silver Mittens

Got Sparty? MSU beads for Pandora and other bracelets.
We also have U of M, CMU, EMU, WMU, and CMU beads.

Put a Mitten on your Pandora bracelet - show your Michigan Pride.

FYI - all of our Petoskey stone jewelry as well as the college and Mitten sterling beads for Pandora and other bracelets are 
Our sterling Mitten earrings and pendant are made in the USA. 

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