Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Strellman's Lighthouse Lens Cut Mounted in Sterling Silver Rings

We have been waiting by the back door for days! Our box of cool jewelry from our friends at Strellman's has arrived. The first thing we unpacked was this selection of sterling silver rings set with the medium size lighthouse lens cut stones (12x8mm). As you can see, we have them in every one of the 12 colors Strellman's makes the lighthouse lens cut in.

The Lighthouse Lens is the signature cut of the Strellman's line of jewelry. Dick Strellman came up with the idea for the cut when he was inspired by the way the lens from an ocean side lighthouse near his studio in Oregon cast a beam of light over the land and sea.

Some of the gems in the line are natural - onyx and amethyest and peridot. However, most of the gems are lab grown rubies, sapphires, and spinel. (All of those are made of corundum both in nature and in the lab.) Lab grown gems have the same characteristics of their natural counterparts at a fraction of the cost. You can learn more about lab grown gems by CLICKING HERE. 

The Lighthouse Len cut from Strellman's is unique. It looks a little different from every angle.
Did we mention that all of the jewelry from Strellman's is made in the US? It is.

You can see more Strellman's Jewelry on our website,

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