Friday, September 4, 2015

The Return of Strellman's Dramatic Jewelry To Chimera Design

We just had a great phone conversation with the new owners
of Strellman's Dramatic jewelry.
To make a long conversation short:
Chimera Design is going to represent Strellman's again soon!

We should have some of their wonderful jewelry in our hands
before the end of this month -
Julie and I are excited about this.

Their high quality, unique looking jewelry is
still made in the United States.
The new owners are a couple who have a jewelry store
in Minnesota and they have been selling Strellman's for years -
that is what motivated them to BUY the company!

ONE MORE THING - to honor the fact that
the Lighthouse Lens cut (see the ring at the top)
is what started it all for Strellman's a portion of every purchase
will go to one of four non-profits that are dedicated to the
preservation of Lighthouses in the US.

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