Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Chimera Design now offers credit for jewelry purchases.

We are very happy to announce our relationship with Brilliance Credit.

Here is why we are so excited:
1. Brilliance is based in Michigan and started here.
2. The application process is FAST and confidential.
You can apply online and get your answer in minutes.
No need to share your financial information with anyone at Chimera.

3. There is no penalty for an early pay off.
4. You can get PRE-Approved and shop knowing your budget and payments.
5. Did we mention you can pay off the loan EARLY?

BRILLIANCE CREDIT is a great addition to the services we offer
at Chimera Design. We have looked at other credit services and we not
happy with the fine print and fees involved - Brilliance is Brilliant!

Explore the possibilies of making your jewelry dreams a reality
using the services of Brilliance Credit.

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