Friday, November 21, 2014

Chimera Design SMACKS Blue Nile on Tungsten Ring Prices

Blue Nile has gained a reputation for low, low prices on diamonds and jewelry.
Ads from them regarding Tungsten wedding bands have been landing on my
screen the last couple of days.
BLUE NILE CHARGES $150 to $170 for the same Tungsten bands we sell for $69.00.
They are made of Tungsten - so are the ones we sell. Tungsten is tungsten.
They will ship it to you FREE.
We will ship it to you FREE.

Ours are made in the United States.
Ours have a Lifetime Warranty - if you crack or break your ring -
if you gain or lose weight and need a new size - heck, if you lose it swimming (had a guy lose one in August in Lake Michigan) - hang on to your receipt and we will replace it for $12.00.

The top two pictures are Tungsten rings from Blue Nile.
The bottom pictures are our Tungsten rings - the ones with a Lifetime Warranty.
The ones for $69.00 instead of $150.00

Did I mention we have Camo Tungsten rings for $69.00?

Camo Tungsten Rings $69.00.
Lifetime Warranty.

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