Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A repair that made the ring better than new.

This gent's ring is another good example of an effective repair.
In this case the repaired ring is actually a MORE secure mounting for diamonds.
The diamonds in this ring are .25 ct each. The ring is only 3-4 years old and
has not been abused or worn hard, but one of the diamonds fell out
Ouch! We found a nice replacement diamond
to match that was $432.
In addition to finding a nice match, we wanted to do our best
to make sure that all the diamonds would remain in the ring.
We built a set of prongs for each of the
diamonds to keep them securely in the ring.
Take a look at the top picture and then look at the
one below - spending a little extra provided a much more secure
home for the new diamond and the two that remained in the ring.

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