Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sticker Shock Sale - thru March 1st at Chimera Design.

Chimera Design
Sticker Shock Sale
Come on in between now and Saturday March 1st
and look for the little orange STICKERS
and you will be SHOCKED by the low prices on the stickered items. 
Allison-Kauffman yellow and white diamond ring.
There are 3 other Allison-Kaufman pieces.

 Strellman's 14kt white and yellow gold ring with lab created sapphire.
There are SIX more Strellman's pieces with stickers.
40% off ALL Citizen watches in stock.

Rainbow Sapphire and Diamond pendant.
These are all natural sapphires - the pendant comes apart, you can wear
the diamonds alone, the sapphires alone, or as you see it.
We also have stickers on Rainbow Sapphire earrings and a bracelet.

40% off all Bel-Air watches in stock.
This is just a sampling - there will be stickers on some of the jewelry
made right here at Chimera by Julie Claire DeVoe.

30% off selected original jewelry pieces in sterling and karat gold.

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