Thursday, May 16, 2013

Four new rings from Strellman's in stock today.

Ever since they introduced the Diamond cut, it catches
a lot of attention in our case.
The ring above is Blue Spinel in sterling silver.
The silver ring below is Padparadschah Sapphire.

The ring above is in sterling set with an alexandrite.
Taking pictures of alexandrite is frustrating - our light box cannot create
the mix of natural and man-made light that gives alex the purplish/red color people love.
Trust me - this ring rocks!

Great to have this ring in stock again - it is a round tanzanite set
in sterling with an 18kt yellow gold accent.
(In fact, we have the matching earrings & pendant, too.)
All of the gems in these and other Strellman's Dramatic jewelry are
lab created - great, consistent color, super durability and GREEN!
Read about lab created gems by CLICKING THIS LINK.

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