Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Help Chimera fight hunger - Food Fight for F.R.O.M on now!

Lowell has a great thing in Flat River Outreach Ministries aka FROM. Why do I like it? Because it represents people from all different churches (and some who do not attend any church) who get together to help their neighbors. One of the best things FROM offers is a food pantry. It doesn't get much more fundamental than having something to eat.
This time of year is rough - donations are down for the pantry - so some wise person at FROM came up with the idea of a Food Fight a couple years ago. It is a classic stand off - businesses South of M-21 versus those North of M-21. We all collect food and offer incentives for you to bring it in. Learn all about it here: Food Fight Specials

Here at Chimera we will give you a 10% discount from any regular priced item if you bring in a non perishable food item for FROM's pantry. You could save .60 cents off a watch battery or $120 from a diamond and sapphire pendant. So gather up some food to share and save some money at Chimera.

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